Home Insurance

Home Insurance in Greater Boston

The insurance professionals at H. Levenbaum understand that in many cases, your home is your most valuable asset and it represents more to your family than just wood, nails, and mortar. Since our goal is to provide the most comprehensive protection for your home, we have partnered with leading insurance carriers who are highly rated.

We understand that for most homeowner’s the array of coverages can be overwhelming, and to that end, we are happy to explain how you would benefit from each coverage available in the home insurance package.

Our local insurance experts provide smart choices concerning the many perils that could damage or destroy your family home and valuables. We will help design the insurance protection that provides comprehensive coverage for your home and your personal property within.

Although most homeowner policies are similar, they are not the same. H. Levenbaum’s licensed professionals are committed to making certain that each homeowner we insure has the appropriate coverage with the desired limits of protection.

We’re also concerned about your personal property and personal liability. Many families require special considerations such as scheduling valuable jewelry and fine arts, higher limits of liability, or umbrella coverage. Our trusted professionals, who are dedicated to meet your needs, will discuss each coverage within the policy and any special coverage considerations that may need to be added.

As your local, neighborhood agent, we are also committed to providing outstanding service for any service or claims issues. In business since 1923, H. Levenbaum is here to serve you. If you are new to our area or not delighted with your current agent, we encourage you to stop by our office and meet our team or call us at (617) 825-3900 at your convenience.

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